Felicitas Kort Venezuelan Clinical Psychologist
Online and presential consultation,
webinars and workshops.

Behavior and cognitive therapy

Acting: like sleeping less or being more proactive.
Feeling: like helping you to be less scared, less depressed, less angry or less anxious.
Thinking: like problem-solving or modifying irrational thoughts.
Facing physical or medical problems: like lessening chronic pain or following the guidance of a doctor’s suggestions.

Clinical Psychology

behavioral therapy
Human Brain


Collective efficacy

The choices we make, the effort we put forth and how long we persist when we confront obstacles.

In the face of failure: learn to insist and persevere until you obtain the goal.

Health and wellness support

  1. Mind and body connection.
  2. Support community actions to strengthen cohesion.
  3. Reduce loneliness.
  4. Deliver interventions remotely.
  5. Protect human rights of mental health conditions.
Mind & Body


Know • Observe • Renew • Treatment.

The Kort Process™ is a system created to prevent and/or treat: anxiety, depression and phobias.

Kort Process