Autobiographical Statement

dra-felicitas-kort-life-coachI have lived in Venezuela most of my life, it is a beautiful country.

Before I left the Venezuela I was Professor of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapy at the most important teaching hospital - Lidice Hospital Psiquiátrico – which offers one of the best Postgraduate Training of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology in the country.

Aside from the formal teaching I guided my students to prepare Anxiety Awareness Screenings for the community which lives in the area. It included a video on Anxiety Disorders, a questionnaire to screen whether the person suffered any of these disorders and brochures.  This was done during 3 consecutive years with success and presently they continue doing so.

Due to the characteristics of the Venezuelan needs in 1987 the Venezuelan Association for the Advancement of Behavior Therapy was founded.  With this NGO we have done an extraordinary work for the Venezuelan community since then.
Workshops, lectures, videos, brochures, all in mental health issues such as stress management, anger control, assertion training, self-efficacy and depression and anxiety screenings. The details of all of these I can facilitate if it is needed.
Also, pursuing the same goal -the dissemination of mental health issues- we had a weekly radio program for six years entitled Habits and Inhabitants, where I hosted and interviewed colleagues, social workers, psychiatrists, other  professionals in the field of mental health.

This radio program continued for a short period in New York City 93.1 FM Radio Amor, with the same goals and characteristics, allows me to be of further help  in areas where people who are in great need and have not the means will have  access to social and psychological help.

Additional comments:

In regard to my knowledge and proficiency in English, I obtained my High School degree in Toronto, Canada where I attended boarding school.

Also after finishing the Bachelor in Psychology in Venezuela I had two years of postgraduate training and specialization in the area of Behavior Therapy, at the Department of Behavioral Science of Temple University, Philadelphia.